Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Oops! No new au pair yet!

I just spoke to my program manager at the au pair agency. Apparently Maryette is not willing to work for me if I can't give her a personal TV and computer. I will keep working for the right au pair. I refuse to accept that all au pairs are that in to material possessions. I have a family TV and computer that she can use as much as she wants. She just won't have the privacy of having one in her own room. I am a little frustrated.

I really hope they can find one for me soon. I do not ask a lot of the au pair. Just that she is willing to pick up Jacob's toys, vacuum and cook dinner for him when she is working. I have spoken to other au pair families who state they ask a lot more of their au pairs. I really hope I can find the right one for my family soon.

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