Friday, July 6, 2007

Waiting for a new au pair

Jacob and I are anxiously waiting to be assigned a new au pair. I had to end our match with the previous one early. I hated doing it but I was left with no choice. She gave Jacob great care but there were some other issues that prevented me from continuing to have her care for him. I am hoping we will have a new one soon.

I have spent the last two days trying to arrange childcare for Jacob. I received several promising offers from an ad on Craig's List. I decided not to hire someone for just three or four weeks. Jacob will be attending daycare instead. I could not find a second shift daycare so I had to get creative. He will be attending daycare from 2PM until 6 PM. My parents or a friend will be watching him after daycare until I get home from work. It is not my favorite option but will work for a few weeks.

Jacob begins daycare this afternoon. I think he will really enjoy it. We toured the classroom yesterday and he really liked all of the bikes and toys. He should have fun and make some new friends.

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