Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Finally Here!

Our new au pair, Veronica, arrived last night. She seems very nice. She arrived late last night and we haven't had much time to talk yet. I plan to go over all of the details for her stay here today. I really have a good feeling that this match will work out better than the last one. Trudie is still here and is helping to make Veronica feel comfortable.

I have an interview for a new assignment at work today. It is a job that I have wanted since I was in the police academy. There are 12 of us applying and only 2 positions. I know the odds are against me and that I most likely won't get the job. I can't help but to be anxious and hope for the best though. It is a job that I would keep for years to come. I even considered changing departments a couple of years ago in hopes of getting a community policing assignment. I will do my best at the interview today and try not to get upset if I am not chosen. All I can do is keep applying.