Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Children Are Hard On Computers

Computers are definitelly not made for young children. No matter how many times I tell Jacob that the computer is not a toy, he is always trying to play with it. So far he has written with black permanent marker on the monitor (thankfully below the screen and not on it), spilled something on the keyboard that makes the shift key stick and now jammed pennies into the USB ports. I have some wonderful pictures I want to share but need to get the USB port fixed first.

E is moving into my home on Monday. I need to get the port fixed soon so I can upload pictures of her and Jacob. I can't post pictures of her here but I can email them to close family and friends. I also want to make a photo montage of her time in our family and need the computer for that also.

It will probably be a couple of weeks before I have the money to fix the computer. Until then, I will keep you updated without the fun pictures. There are some coming though so please be patient. Now, to unstick that shift key.....

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