Friday, September 19, 2008

Another Week Already!

I admit it. I have been really bad about trying to blog at least twice a week. I am just not sure where time has gone. Here are some of the things that went on this week.

I have been busy at work all week with today being my first day off. M has not been happy at daycare at all and even stopped eating lunch there the past couple of days. He is starving when he gets home and eating well here so I know he isn't sick. Yesterday, I saw a teacher being very rough with a young toddler while changing his diaper. She even shoved his head against the wall on the changing table. I made sure the child was safe and then found the director. She promised to take care of it immediately and walked down the hallway to the room. I then went out to the parking lot and reported it to human services (I am mandated by law to report any suspected child abuse/neglect). The intake worker promised to investigate it and notify the involved child's family. M will not be going back there. We were scheduled to switch daycares anyway on Monday so I just removed him a day earlier.

My pastor's son plead guilty to homicide so his family has been spared a trial. It is a very sad case. There was almost no warning that this child was capable of murder or even violent. Please continue to pray for the entire family including I as they try to grieve and find a way to move on with their lives.

Jacob had a little more difficulty at gymnastics but he still loves it. He is learning a lot and really looks forward to the classes.

Jacob and I are going to be busy today making cupcakes and getting ready for his birthday celebration. I am always looking for an excuse to party and seem to have overdone this one a little. Oh well. It will be fun. His birthday isn't until Sunday but do to scheduling issues, his family dinner is tonight. He chose cupcakes for his cake so we will make those today. His actual birthday party with friends is on Sunday and I will update everyone afterwards. Hopefully I will even have pictures!

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Angela :-) said...

Happy Birthday, Jacob M!

Angela :-)