Monday, September 1, 2008

They Forgot My Sister

"Mommy, they forgot my sister!"

This is what Jacob told me while we were all going for a walk one day last week. This came just a few hours before I got a phone call asking if I was interested in accepting a two year old and 8 month old for two weeks and after M was already here. While M and Jacob are normally very good kids, I am definitelly not ready for 4 children under age 3 for more than maybe a few hours tops. So, I told Jacob he will have to wait for a sister but maybe someday in the future.

I don't know how long M will be staying or even where his case is right now. I do know that one toddler is enough at a time. I would still love to have 3 or 4 children someday but I want them spaced out a little more than Jacob does. I was thinking how nice it is that these two are close in age. If M stays forever (No one is talking that way now. I am just dreaming.) I would consider another child in 3 more years. That way M would no longer be a toddler and Jacob would be starting kindergarten. Less daycare, fewer diapers and hopefully more sanity for me.

For right now, I am concentrating on the children I have. If M leaves, then maybe Jacob can have the little sister he has decided he wants.

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