Friday, September 19, 2008

Jacob's Nature

The past few weeks have required a whole new level of sharing. As an only child, Jacob really only needed to share at school. It was becoming increasingly obvious that he knew how to share but really needed to practice it. Since M arrived, he has been getting plenty of practice and doing a great job. It must help when M screams and cries for 20 minutes anytime Jacob doesn't share!

Yesterday in the car, M took Jacob's nap pillow from daycare. We take all of his nap supplies home on the weekend to clean them and get them ready for the next week. Jacob saw it and immediately grabbed it from him telling M it wasn't his. Here is the conversation we had:

J: That's mine M! You can't have it!

Mom: Can't you share with M?

J: No. It's not in my nature.

M (laughing): I hope you find it in your nature soon!

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