Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Frustrating Few Days

M is sick. He came down with an ear infection Sunday. I originally thought his very low grade fever was related to teething. He has been drooling, chewing on everything and cranky for a few days. I can see where his molars are getting ready to poke through.

During Jacob's birthday party, M's temperature began to spike. By the time we left, I knew it was probably more than just teething. He had a cold last week so I correctly guessed that he had an ear infection. I gave him some pain reliever that took care of the pain and fever but he was still very cranky. The doctor confirmed my guess and he is now home sick today. He is beginning to feel better but is still very cranky. He seems to be back to the behaviors he exhibited two weeks ago when he was still adjusting to our home. I know in my head that his behavior is just due to him not feeling well. I also know that we have been making a lot of progress and that it will continue as soon as the antibiotics have time to work.

Last night I was suppose to go to my bible study class. I was really looking forward to it after listening to M cry for the past two days. I had M in bed so that he wouldn't even realize that I was gone. He was medicated and sleeping peacefully. Unfortunately, the babysitter never came over. I am not sure why she didn't come. She never called me back so I can assume that she will not be babysitting anymore. Jacob and I were both disappointed. He likes having babysitters to play. Next week we will try again. I know that babysitter will be here.

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