Sunday, September 14, 2008

Week Review And A Prayer Request

I can't believe it has been almost a week since I last posted. The week went well. M is settling in nicely. M and Jacob both have colds this week so they are a little more cranky than normal. That also means they are both sleeping a little more than normal which gives me some extra quiet time to sit and think.

On Tuesday, I finally bought a double stroller. I have been looking at them for awhile. They are so convenient when I want to take both kids for long walks. Jacob was very excited and loves that he can sit or stand in the back of the stroller. He likes to stand and peak over the top to tell me if M has fallen asleep yet. M loves to go for rides also and often will fall asleep after just a few minutes. I have already used it twice and plan to use it to walk more places and drive the car less. So far we used it to walk to the drugstore and to the library.

Jacob had his second gymnastics class on Thursday. He did much better listening and staying with his group. M did better too and enjoyed playing with some of the other infants and young toddlers in the waiting area. Jacob cried when class was over stating he wasn't finished yet. I may have to move him to the 90 minute class next Spring.

I have mentioned before that Jacob and I have begun attending a new church. The pastor leaves this week to testify in his son's murder trial. His son is accused of murdering his daughter just over one year ago. I cannot imagine the pain he must have gone through and continues to go through. To lose a child is devastating enough. He has lost two children because of the horrible acts of one of them. Please keep him and his family (including his son) in your prayers. They all need support and strength right now. Please pray that his daughter receives justice, his son is treated fairly and the entire family finds strength and comfort.

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