Sunday, August 31, 2008

A Frustrating Day

Today was one of the most frustrating days I have recently. Don't get me wrong. I love Jacob and M dearly. It is just on days like today I wonder what goes through their little heads. Do they plan these days quietly while my back is turned? I have to wonder.

Let me start by saying that M has been doing wonderful the past few days. He even stayed in the church nursery last night without any crying or problems. Today was a different day. The tantrums started within moments of him waking up. They continued to full blown screaming and crying while at a lunch with friends. The problem? He wanted to drink another child's sippy cup instead of his own.

Jacob was fairly well behaved this morning and at lunch. He has been having more difficulty listening the past few days but I assume it is the changes in our household. This afternoon was completely different. He was mean to M, disrespectful to his grandmother and me and did his best to irritate anyone near him. He finished the day by having a 10 minute tantrum (nothing compared to M's 90 minute tantrum at lunch) because I would not find a train for him to ride TODAY!

So I have decided that M and Jacob must plan days like today together. Jacob even asked several times if they were driving me crazy. Of course the answer was yes! Maybe they just needed a day of tantrums and testing to settle back down. I hope so. We have potential plans of going on a boat with my friend and his family tomorrow. I cannot imagine being out on the middle of a lake with a screaming one year old and a three year old doing anything he can think of to irritate the adults around him.

For now, it was early to bed for both boys. M is teething so that may have been part of the problem. Hopefully both kids will feel better after a good night sleep and a little break. If not, they go back to daycare on Tuesday and at least I will get a break then.

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