Saturday, January 10, 2009

Graduate School Hopes

I just sent in my application to graduate school. My first choice has a deadline for applications and referrals by January 30. I am hopeful the college will get my application processed and the referrals will be in by then. If not, they continue to accept applications on a first come first serve basis. Approximately 40-50 percent of applicants will be accepted. My second choice is harder to get into and has already stopped accepting applications for next year. I would have to wait a year to apply for them and they don't have a program that fits my needs as well.

I am very nervous right now. I really want to be accepted for a variety of reasons. This program is set up for the working adult who must commute. The commute is just under 2 hours for me. My plan is to find a babysitter the two nights a week and Saturdays I have to be on campus. My hope is to find a good sitter near the campus so that I can have a little time (even if it's in the car) with my kids.

The program is 2 years long. I really want to start this year so I am finished by the time Jacob enters kindergarten in 2 1/2 years. I would love to find a job in child protective services with a schedule that is mainly Monday through Friday. I don't mind the occassional evening shift or being on call during weekends or evenings. Just so that I will be home most evenings and weekends when my kids are out of school.

So, wish me luck. I have back up plans. I can go back to college as an undergraduate. I need four classes and 400 hours of internship to get a social work license in Wisconsin. That would get me an entry level job and I can always apply for graduate school after that. It would just be nicer if I could get my master's degree now instead. I already have a lot of college credits (somewhere near 168) and don't really want more undergraduate classes that won't help with a graduate degree. A graduate degree will open a lot of jobs and careers to me that a license and criminal justice bachelor's degree won't.

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Good luck, Heather!

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