Monday, January 19, 2009

Singing Praise

Saturday night is usually church night for us. I have to work two or three Sunday mornings a month so we found a church we really like with Saturday evening contemporary services. If you aren't familiar with a contemporary service, it is a service with more music (modern and fewer traditional songs) and fewer responsive prayers and liturgies. Jacob has begun to learn the songs and really enjoys singing along while he waits for children's church to begin.

On the way home Saturday night, Jacob was singing two words over and over again at different pitches. The words were "adoption" and "M (his foster brother's name)." I asked him what he was doing. He stated, "I'm singing thanks to God and Santa for adoption and M." Later on that night, he got a book out about a girl adopted by a single mother. He began "reading" it to himself. As he read the book he stated how glad he is that he was adopted and hopes I will adopt M someday.

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