Saturday, January 24, 2009


It is really nice having a son old enough to go to a movie and enjoy it. I said a son. I took M, Jacob and our friend P to a movie this morning. They have $2.50 movie admission and free popcorn showings on Saturday mornings during the winter. The shows are always movies that are just getting ready to come out on DVD. Today's showing was Madagascar 2.

Jacob and P really enjoyed the movie. M is 20 months old and just too young to enjoy the movie. I fed him Icees and popcorn and took him out a handful of times to remind him to be quiet. It went alright. I actually saw more of the movie than I thought I would. I do feel sorry for whoever has to clean up after us though! There was spilled popcorn and Icee all over the floor.

The nice thing about these Saturday morning shows is that they are mostly attended by families with young children. No one really expects the kids to be quiet throughout the show and everyone understands when a child suddenly breaks loose and yells or runs down an aisle.

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