Saturday, January 17, 2009

Santa Forgot!

Now, believe me. We are not short on toys. I keep saying I am going to go through them and give some away but never quite seem to get around to doing it. Jacob often insists that they need all of the toy cars, trucks, trains, etc so that M and he both have one. The boys are getting better about playing together and not fighting over toys. They have only been "brothers" for about 5 months and were both only children before that. Sharing is something fairly new (although Jacob does share at school) for them and having a sibling close in age suddenly appear is an adjustment.

The other morning they were fighting over the same tractor. It is a tractor that Jacob received as a gift before M came to live with us. Without really even looking up I stated, "Jacob, M, share the toy and play nice." Jacob threw his hands in the air and stated, "But Santa FORGOT to bring another tractor Mom! He FORGOT!" Oh that Santa. He gets blamed for a lot of problems around our house.

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