Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Juggling Responsibilities and Frustrations

The past twenty-four hours have been full of both frustration and a sense of being overwhelmed. At the same time, I feel guilty because I realize how blessed I am and how much God has already given me.

My frustrations really started Saturday when I discovered a cat had urinated in my clean laundry. While that was a minor irritant, the big concern was that their appeared to be blood in the urine. I called a friend who agreed to take my youngest cat, Celeste, to the vet. I received a call yesterday afternoon that she was ready to go home and that she had a clean bill of health. I immediately went from being grateful she is healthy to being concerned about which cat it is and how to pay the vet bill to have three cats examined.

I called scheduling and was able to get today off work to take the remaining two cats in. I called the vet back and arranged to bring in the cats today to be examined. Hopefully, they will receive clean health bills and the urine will remain a mystery and presumed to have taken care of itself. Or that the vet will discover a bladder infection and that will also be the end of it. A little medication and all will be better.

Just as I began to relax and feel like things were going to work out, my phone rang again. This time, it was M's daycare. His teacher was reporting that he had a fever. My immediate concern was that he had another ear infection and made arrangements to take him to urgent care. Thankfully, my shift was just about over so I wouldn't have to leave work early.

I picked M up a short time later and discovered that he did not have a fever and other than a slight cold, was not sick. While I am glad he is not sick, I am frustrated that twice in a week and a half, he has been sent home early when he was not really sick. I am grateful for the care they are giving him but frustrated that they have called twice to report he is sick only to have mysteriously recovered in the hour it takes me to get him.

So today I am at home. I took the day off work and took the remaining two cats to the vet. M is at daycare since he isn't showing signs of anything more than a mild cold and I don't want to juggle two cats and a one year old at the vet's office. Jacob decided to stay home and play with some of his toys. Just look at the above picture. Let me know if you think he needs more toys! Those are just the toys we keep in the living room. He has more in his bedroom. I keep threatening to clean them out but never quite seem to get around to it.

This afternoon I plan to take a nap, do some laundry, pick the cats up from the vet and then pick up M. Jacob has swimming lessons this evening so this is my chance to just relax for a little while. I enjoy spending time alone with Jacob so this is a good day.

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