Monday, January 12, 2009

Water Park Fun

Jacob and M had their first trip to a water park yesterday. M hasn't really gone swimming very often. I have only taken him twice. He is okay in the water but nervous. Jacob is a fish and has no fear.

Jacob took to the water immediately doing his traditional belly flop into the first water at least six inches deep that he sees. For him it was a wave pool. M was a liitle less sure of himself. Not only is he still a little unsteady on his feet (like most 1 1/2 year olds) but he wasn't so sure about the cold water. I let Jacob play for a couple mintes before convincing him to find a quieter pool with slides for toddlers and preschoolers.

We walked a short distance and found our first set of small slides. Jacob went running from one slide to another and I yelled out reminders to sit on the slides and not leave the area without me. M took about 10 minutes to really get comfortable with the water and begin playing. He took about ten more minutes and a couple of assisted rides to get use to the slides. Then both kids were off!

Jacob went on every slide the lifeguards and I would allow him to go on. He did slides designed for children older than him but ended in shallow water. I was nervous the first few times but mostly nervous when he would disappear from my view while he climbed to the top of the slide (M and I stayed at the bottom). Jacob would zoom down to the bottom of the slide and immeidately start his five minute climb back to the top of the slide.

Everyone had a great time. It wasn't crowded so there were very few lines or down time. We went with the junior high and senior high youth groups. I had agreed to help drive and chaperone kids. I mostly just drove since the teenagers didn't really need much assistance and I was busy with my little ones.

It was a great time. I am now ready for summer! I can't wait to get the kids in the outdoor pools again.

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