Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Sick Kid #2

Just as I thought we might luck out this year, both boys are on antibiotics. Jacob had a nasty cold that turned into a sinus infection over the weekend. When I picked him up last night, I was told he had a slight fever earlier in the day. It was gone by then but I still called the doctor. The only opening was in 13 mintues and it is a 10 minute drive from daycare to the doctor.

Jacob and I rushed to get his coat and out to the car. We made it to the clinic with about 2 minutes to spare. The doctor was only running about 5 minutes behind (remarkable for that time of the day) and we were actually only about 20 minutes picking M up from daycare.

The entire trip made us late getting home though so cooking became out of the question. I decided to stop for a pizza on the way home to save some time. I was able to make it to my Monday night bible study 15 minutes late with both boys home, medicated and the sitter preparing them for bed.

So the sick count so far this week is 2 kids and 1 cat. I have a little bit of the cold that the boys have. Luckily, I just don't seem to get as sick lately from their illnesses. I am hoping my immune system is a little more use to being exposed to kid germs than when Jacob arrived almost 2 years ago.

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