Thursday, June 4, 2009

Busy, Busy, Busy

That is our theme lately. While I would love to just have some quiet time at home, it just isn't the best choice lately. That also means that I haven't had a chance to post pictures from the past few days. I will soon including some great pictures from our trip to Minneapolis last weekend. I just need to have a little time at home when I am not cooking, doing laundry or sleeping.

On Monday I played softball and lost. It was still a fun game. We actually did well except for one inning when we couldn't get an out to save our lives. I will accept one bad inning though.

On Tuesday, we drove to Appleton and met a very nice woman and her young daughter. Nicole has volunteered to babysit the boys while I attend classes this fall. I did the obligatory background check on her and then spent some time with her Tuesday evening. It seems like it will be a great fit. She has three children ages 1, 5 and 8. M and Jacob will fit in nicely with some older kids to look up to and a younger one to just play with.

I got lost on the way home due to trying to take a "short cut" after missing an exit. I am just familiar enough with that area to know feel comfortable enough to get really lost. My short cut was a highway that should have run to a city about 45 minutes from home. The highway turned out to be closed and detoured about 30 minutes south. The detour ended about 30 minutes from where I missed the exit. The only problem was that it was an hour and a half after I missed the exit. So, we were a little late getting home and another night with not enough sleep.

Last night, the boys had a difficult time listening. They ended up losing their swimming privileges. I still allowed Jacob to attend his lesson but he wasn't allowed free swim afterwards. M had to go to the nursery instead of swimming which did not make him happy. Hopefully, next week the boys will not be as tired and will be able to keep their swimming privileges. We arrived home a little early but with all of the activities and late nights, we went to bed a few minutes earlier than normal.

Tonight we are interviewing another babysitter. This one lives near our home and will watch the boys on the weekends I work. The weekend sitter we have now will still watch them occassionally but she only wants about one weekend a month so I needed to find someone for the other weekends (about 2). Since this sitter lives near us, we should be home early enough to catch up on some laundry and maybe even mow the backyard. Otherwise, we are busy for the next two days and I won't get much done until Sunday. Thankfully, the new housekeeper is working out great and the house is pretty much clean.

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