Monday, June 15, 2009

Summer Programing

Summer is officially here. Maybe not on the calendar but at our house it is. The weather has been close to hot and very humid the past few days. The grass is growing quickly like it does at the start of every summer and the plants in the garden are getting big. The biggest sign is that Jacob and M start their summer program today.

The emphasis is no longer on learning to read and write but is now on just having fun. I actually think the kids learn just as much in a good summer program as they do during the school year at this age. Sometime before Friday, I need to pack up swimming suits and towels for the kids to use at school and find the bug spray. Sunscreen was sent a few weeks ago.

Jacob's first week of the summer program looks to be fun. He has bike day tomorrow when the Crash Helmet will be coming to visit their school. Jacob gets to take his bike and we promised to bring an extra helmet for his friend, R. She claims she doesn't have a helmet and want to ride Jacob's pink bike. Wednesday is the first field trip of the summer when the older kids go to a nature preserve. I am hoping to be able to go with them. Swimming begins on Friday.

I was able to finalize the plans to visit my relatives in Arkansas in a few weeks. It will be wonderful to see my grandmother, aunt and uncle again. The boys are just looking forward to staying in a hotel. Jacob is still talking about the friends we saw a couple weeks ago. He wants H and R to join us in Arkansas. He even prays for them nightly.

I keep thinking that maybe we should postpone our big vacation to save money. The hotels are almost all paid for already though and it really is our last chance to take our friends Jasmine and Brooke. We will just have to watch our spending while we are gone. Have sandwiches and other food we can prepare for lunch and get dinner as cheaply as possible.

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