Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Preparing To Leave

We leave today! A four day weekend away from home. We will be visiting relatives in Arkansas and enjoying the same blazing humid heat we have here now. I have packed the shorts and t-shirts and am working on the swimsuits. I still have a few more things to pack. We are having a picnic dinner somewhere in central Illinois and then stopping for the night in Springfield.

Jacob, M and I got up early this morning to prepare. We started a couple loads of laundry (we need socks and shorts) and put our favorite toys in the car. Our friend Kelly was generous and loaned us her portable DVD player for the car ride so I also found our favorite DVDs. Jacob wants to rent a new one so we will probably stop at the video store on our way out of town. We also went to the grocery store and picked out some bread and juice boxes for our picnic dinner tonight and picnic lunch on Sunday. I need to get ice for the cooler and then we will be all set.

I have to work for 3 hours this afternoon before we leave. As soon as I can escape, I will rush to the daycare and get the boys. Hopefully, the car will be packed and it will be a very quick exit from the daycare center. With any luck, we will be able to leave town by 4 PM and be headed to Illinois. We probably won't be able to swim tonight but tomorrow and the next three days will include swimming and fun with family.

I plan to take a lot of pictures and hope to have some to post when we return next week. If I can figure out how to get my computer to work on wireless internet, I may be able to post while we are gone as well. It just depends on if my computer skills (or lack of them) can get the internet connection figured out.

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