Monday, June 1, 2009

Welcome June!

It is finally June. The beginning of Summer is here. Jacob and M begin their summer programs in daycare in two weeks. I have parent/teacher conferences today and Thursday to wrap up the school year for the boys. I never realized how much evaluation and information the teachers at the daycare can give me about my boys.

This summer looks to be very promising. After spending the weekend with the kids, I realized how far the boys have come in the past few weeks. M is displaying much better behavior at home. He is still struggling with bedtime and with his behaviors at school but I do believe those areas will see improvement soon.

This summer I am committed to having relaxing evenings with my kids and not overscheduling us. I always want to be busy and schedule lots of activities. That is just my personality. I have learned lately that it can also be very nice to just hang out at home and have been looking forward to those evenings. Instead of looking forward to big exciting adventures, I am hoping to have more walks around the neighborhood and trips to the park. I want to get my grill out more often and just enjoy exploring the nature around the yard and neighborhood.

M did really well sleeping in the hotel so I am considering trying camping once or twice this summer. I have a couple friends who want to go and Jacob really wants to go. I plan to find a site near our home so that we can come back early if necessary but also hope to stay at the site for a couple of days. We also have trips to visit relatives in June and August so that will take up some of the summer.

M has discovered that he really enjoys swimming and Jacob is a little fish who scares me to death. We will definitely be spending time at the lake and at the swimming pool as well.

We had a wonderful weekend and I am looking forward to posting pictures of it soon. For now, I am just relaxing and looking forward to more fun this summer.

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