Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Father's Day To Our Male Role Models and Friends

Happy Father's Day! While there is not a dad in our immediate household, there are many men who play important parts in my children's lives. I want to take a moment to thank them.

As a single parent, I constantly worry about finding adult role models for my children besides me. Many of them are women but many are also men. My sons benefit from each and every one of these relationships. Some of the relationships are short lived and others will hopefully go on for years. All of them are important to me and to my kids.

My father plays the biggest role as a male role model in our lives. He sees the boys at least a couple times a week and plays with them. He is always willing to listen to Jacob and have "alone time" for male bonding. I am often sitting within listening distance and love overhearing their talks. They are usually about such important issues as why Jacob is mad at M that day or how Jacob is going to be like his grandpa. M also loves spending time with Grandpa and was chanting "Grandpa! Grandpa!" as we drove towards the house yesterday. Grandpa is a constant source of support for all of us.

My brother, Uncle Chuck, is also an important person in our lives. Jacob is looking forward to some promised outings with Uncle Chuck this summer. So if Uncle Chuck reads this, hopefully he will remember his promise :) We don't see Uncle Chuck nearly as often as we would like to but he is still important. Whether it be talking to him on the phone or just riding bikes with him outside, every moment is always a good one.

Our friend Jamie, who we don't see often enough, is also a good male role model. He is always there to listen to me when I am having a bad day. He plays with the boys when we do see him and is a great source of support. He is a great example to all of us as he puts his daughter's needs ahead of his own. He really is a great dad and one that my children and I can both learn from. Oh, and he is great at helping fix ceiling fans and snake toilets.

Mr. Doug is a great friend. He helped teach Jacob's church school class last year and is always ready to greet him with a smile. He even lets Jacob sit next to him before church. I hope he will consider teaching again next year.

All of the babysitters' husbands who take time to play with the kids fulfill the role as important men also. It is through their interest and actions that my children learn how fathers can play a role in a family. I know Brett is one of the biggest reasons why Jacob is now willing to be a dad and not just a grandpa.

We see men on a regular basis who are good, responsible men and teach my children how to be boys and men. Some have been coaches, others neighbors and others just people we see regularly at church. All of them help my sons learn what real men are and not just who TV and the movies say they should be. My sons don't have a man living in our home they call dad, but they do have a lot of men who love them, guide them and teach them everyday. To these men I say thank you. You will never realize how important you are to me and to my children.

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