Thursday, May 7, 2009

10 More Days!

10 more days until M turns 2! I look at M and am amazed at how far he has come since he arrived almost 9 months ago. He was hoarse from screaming and crying. He said 3 words and grunted at the other times. He didn't trust that I would remember to feed him at meal times and was sure I would disappear if he couldn't see me. It took months before he was willing to walk anywhere when we were away from home. Now, he talks non-stop and is beginning to use 3 word sentences regularly. He not only walks but runs and jumps also. He is getting better at listening to me. He not only trusts that I will come back but loves to give me a kiss good-bye and tell me "bye Mommy".

Nine months has flown by. The baby I picked up at the social worker's office is no longer a baby. He is now a toddler who I have to watch closely but also am beginning to be able to trust slightly. We still have some things to work on. It is hard to tell what issues are a result of his past traumas and what is just him developing normally. At the end of the day, it doesn't matter why he acts the way he does. He just needs constant love, structure, support and parenting.

Jacob told me this morning that we should "trade M in for a nicer kid." That may be Jacob's opinion. I know that most of the time M is a very sweet kid who I am honored to be able to parent. Whether it is for a few more months or forever. Every day I am thankful that God sent me this beautiful little boy and that he has come so far in such a short amount of time.

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