Monday, May 25, 2009

Spending Memorial Day Together

Happy Memorial Day! I was thankful to receive today off work and be able to spend it with the kids. Two years ago, Jacob and I started a new family tradition for Memorial Day. I look forward to it every year.

6:45 AM: Get out of bed (M had already been awake for an hour but I was stalling on actually getting out of bed).

7:00 AM: Arrive at parade site and claim our spot. I may have to actually get there a little earlier next year. It was difficult to get the perfect spot due to all of the people who had already beat us there. They lay their blankets on the ground and return shortly before the parade starts. There are actually some volunteers who stand in each block watching to make sure no what disturbs the blankets.

7:15 AM: Return home. Take a shower, get dressed and get the kids ready to go.

8:00 AM: Leave home for the parade. We live fairly close to the parade so we walked to it. It takes about 30 minutes to walk there from our home. I always debate driving but there are a lot of cars driving by our home from the parade when we arrive home walking. Since walking is better for us and probably less stressful than driving, we walk.

8:45 AM: Walk over to McDonald's and get breakfast to go.

9:00 AM: Sit near our blanket on the curb and eat our breakfast.

9:30 AM: Take our seats on the curb. Get our American flags and balloons from the volunteers handing them out. Play with a few toys while we greet neighbors and friends and wait for the parade. It is also fun to watch some of the cars and band members going to the parade starting place.

10:00 AM: The parade usually starts right on time. This year was no exception.

11:40 AM: Leave the parade and walk home. Fill up on the candy from the parade.

12:15 AM: Lay down and take a break. Jacob slept. M played quietly in his room. He had fallen asleep as we left the parade and didn't think he needed another nap.

2:30 PM: Go to brat fest. Eat brats and hot dogs for lunch while listening to live music. I remembered to put sunscreen on the boys but forgot to put it on myself. I noticed I am a little tanner tonight. Oops!

4:30 PM: Leave brat fest and return home. We actually went to Grandma and Grandpa's house to eat pizza and watch a movie.

Phew! It was a busy but fun day. Definitelly a good way to spend a vacation day from work.

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