Sunday, May 24, 2009

Childcare Woes

One of my least favorite things about parenthood is finding childcare when I am not available. I have a job that requires me to work 2-3 weekends a month. Part of the reason I am looking to change careers is to get a job working fewer weekends and unplanned evening shifts. I won't be able to change careers for at least a year and it looks like it will be closer to two years with my school requirements.

I received word about two months ago that my weekend sitter will be unable to watch my kids as often this fall. She is also unavailable for three weekends this summer. Now, if I just needed her so I could play softball or go out with the girls, it wouldn't be a big deal. The problem is that I have to work those weekends and can't take them off. So, I am searching for childcare once again.

In the past I have had great luck with craig's list. Granted, any classified ad is a little scary when looking for childcare. I do a very careful background check (public records only) and have human services do a child abuse check (since I need them to watch my foster son also) as well as just keep a close eye on how the kids behave and the enviornment when I am there. It is still difficult to leave my kids with someone I barely know but it is the best I can do. This time I can't get craigslist to recognize my account or let me post or respond. It keeps saying something about phone verification but then doesn't send me to the correct place to do it. I have tried from two different computers and neither are working. I have placed a request for help and hope that they can resolve the situation in the next few days.

In the meantime, I will keep watching for good sitters. If you know us personally and know any good sitters available on weekends, let me know. I also need to find someone near the university for the fall or someone here that can pick the boys up from daycare when I have class. Any ideas would be great.

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