Friday, May 1, 2009


I was accepted into the child welfare program for next year. That means I will be receiving a title IV-E grant. It will pay for all of my tuition and fees for next year. That is the equivalent of over $10,000! To say I am excited and relieved is an understatement. I have to apply again to get it for my second year of grad school but at least I have one year paid. It will be nice to attend college for free!

I had a very bad day at work. It was one of those days that make me want to quit and walk away. I have actually had a few of them lately. While I can't afford to just quit my job, this grant does make life easier. It means I am now one step closer to being able to start a new career when I am ready. I still need to finish M's foster care case and possibly his adoption, sell my house and find another job. Those things will happen in time though. The biggest delay is M's foster care/adoption case. I love M and can't afford to risk losing his placement for a career change.

I trust God will see that everything works out. I know that God is calling me to a career in child protective services. It just feels right. I have put the entire situation into God's control. So far I have been accepted into grad school, gotten most of the days off work I need and have been accepted into the grant program I needed and wanted. There are a few more days off and I need to find a field placement that will be willing to work with my regular job schedule. I will make that work out though. I am not completely sure how but I will make it happen. Whether that be by getting the days off through the normal time off routine or trading shifts with someone else, I will make it happen.

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