Friday, May 22, 2009

Grad School Orientation

As I suspected, grad school is going to be busy and go by fast. I will have class two nights a week and field work on my days off my regular job. I will also be attending class every other Saturday for six hours (yuck!). It will be worth it in the end.

I also learned that the university believes they may have found a field placement for me. It is about 45 minutes from my home. The person in charge of the finding placements told me to "keep your fingers crossed." She has also spoken to another county about an hour away but stated she doesn't have too many contacts there and has to start from the beginning. I explained to her that I really cannot drive more than an hour and a half one way for the placement and she stated I wouldn't be expected to. She really thinks that she will find a placement for me within an hour from home and probably less. Sounds good to me!

I also discovered that I have a better chance than I initially believed for receiving a grant next year. The tuition is also considerably less than I anticipated if I can't get the grant. They only charge us for nine credits no matter who many credits we take. Most semesters are about 14 credits. I did the math today and the tuition will be about $4,000 cheaper than I originally thought. Hopefully I can get the grant again next year but if not at least it will be less expensive than I thought.

Now I am anxiously waiting for my placement. It has to be with a county human services agency so I have a pretty good idea of where they are looking to place me. I am excited about the challenge and the changes. Now to try and relax this summer before the hectic fall semester begins....

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