Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Money Well Spent

I realize that money is tight and is going to get even tighter next fall. I also know that I cannot keep up with the housework and need some help. I saw it as a matter of values and how I wish to spend my money. I could pay someone to clean the house occassionally for me, live in a dirty house that I never want to be in or I could spend more time cleaning and less time with my kids.

The decision pretty much made itself when I looked around the house last week. I couldn't stand the mess and wasn't willing to give up the little time I have with the kids. I made some calls and found a cleaner that I believe I can trust and that was willing to come for a fair price.

The new cleaner came today and did a great job. It was so nice to walk into a very clean house. She actually did a better job than the cleaners from some of the agencies have done.

I plan to continue to have her clean every two weeks. It will give us a cleaner living enviornment and make it a little more pleasant to play at home. It will really be nice next fall when I go back to school and my time is even more valuable.

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