Saturday, December 22, 2007

Beginning To Understand Christmas

I have been very busy this week trying to prepare for Christmas. Our tree is now up, our stocking hung and gifts bought (or those that can't wait until next week). Jacob understands that a special day is coming with presents, church and family. He is being patient but gets excited whenever he sees Santa Claus.

One of my worries as a parent is that Jacob will only see Christmas as a time to get gifts. That it will be all about gift giving and none of the other important parts. He put some of those fears to rest last week. We had been talking about what he wanted for Christmas. I suggested cars, trains, airplanes, clothes, things for his baby, etc. Jacob stopped me and stated he wanted "Uncle Chuck can play." He is already learning that one of the best parts of Christmas is having family together and being able to "play."

Jacob's Christmas wish came a little early last week. We had dinner with my parents and brother. I found Chuck's old toy barn in the basement. Uncle Chuck and Jacob had fun exploring it and learning how animals live on a farm.

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