Sunday, December 30, 2007

A Lot Of Spilled Milk

Ok. I realize that Jacob is a very good kid. Another mother pointed out yesterday how very few "2 year old" problems I have had. But this one is beginning to drive me nuts. Every time I turn around, Jacob is spilling milk, juice, water or anything liquid. He seems to think it is fun to splash the liquid around and watch it pour off the table. I have tried having him clean it up but he just spreads it more. I have tried time-outs but this only works for a few minutes. I have tried not giving him anything else to drink. He happily goes off until the next time he gets the opportunity. Sippy cups are great but he really doesn't need them. He knows how to drink out of regular cups and not spill. So if any experienced parents have advice, let me know. Otherwise, I'll just have to wait until he grows out of this phase too.

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