Monday, December 10, 2007

Foster Care Classes

I am excited to announce that I begin the classes for foster care licensing next month. I was worried about getting off work to attend class. My slips all came back approved yesterday so I am well on my way to becoming licensed. My house is almost ready (completing some improvements for a home study last year helped a lot.) I still need to change some door knobs (they have to have locks) and replace a smoke detector that is not working. Other than that, the house is ready to go!

I am very excited to open my house up to another young child. As my doctor said, being a single parent is difficult but having a house full of children is wonderful. Jacob also has "only child syndrome" very badly. He thinks he should always be the center of attention and that eveyone around him is here to play with him. He will have to adjust to have other children living here but it will be good for him.