Friday, December 28, 2007

Sierra to the rescue!

Jacob gave me the scare of a lifetime yesterday. I took a short shower (about 10 minutes) like I do most mornings. I came out of the shower and noticed it was quiet. This is common as Jacob likes to take these 10 minutes in the mornings to see if he can do something I wouldn't normally allow. I snuck down the hallway expecting to see him "cooking" in the kitchen sink or reorganizing the DVDs. Instead, I noticed the front door wide open and Jacob and the dog gone. The door could not have been open for very long. The cold air hadn't even reached the hallway yet and it was only about 30 degrees outside.
I threw my head out the door (wearing just a towel and still soaking wet) and yelled for Jacob. I heard his pouty cry that he gives when he has fallen in the snow and wants me to pick him up. I couldn't see him though. I raced through the house and threw on the first pair of pants and shirt I saw. As I stepped into a pair of boots, a neighbor walked up the steps with my son in his arms and my dog at his heels. He said that Sierra (the dog) had come over to him and got his attention. He then noticed Jacob outside in just his slipper pajamas and one of my t-shirts.
After I calmed down and got myself and Jacob dressed, I followed Jacob's footsteps in the snow. He had gone to the neighbor's front porch. What was more amazing was that my dog's footprints stayed right with him and only left when she went to the neighbor's house to get the neighbor. Jacob's hands were a little cold but other than that, he was fine.
I have now ordered a new front door with better locks. I tried putting a 14 pound bottle of kitty litter in front of the door but Jacob easily moved it. I now have a very heavy box of books. It takes me to hands to lift it and Jacob can't get it to budge. Jacob also promises to never go outside without Mommy again!

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Angela :-) said...

Scary! Thanks dog & neighbor!

Angela :-)