Monday, December 24, 2007

A Christmas Wish Come True

It was 2 years ago on Christmas day that I decided to adopt a child. I had been thinking about adoption for awhile but did not believe a single woman could adopt a baby. I wasn't ready to adopt an older child through foster care and wanted to wait a few more years. I began searching web sites wondering if I could find a photo listing of foster children available for adoption.

As I searched the adoption agencies, I discovered single women could adopt. The decision was made immediately. I called a friend who also stated she wanted to adopt a child and had been thinking about it. We attended an informational meeting the following month and the rest is history. Jacob is that Christmas wish and my friend is anxiously waiting for her wish to come true. She is on the waiting list for an infant from a different country.

Over the past two years, many things have changed. As I considered which agency to use and which country to go through, my son's Ethiopian mother was trying to decide if she would be able to raise him or if she should make an adoption plan. Two years later, I hope that we are both happy with the decisions that were made. I know I am.

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