Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Meeting Santa!

Last weekend we had breakfast with Santa. It was at the YMCA and open to children 2-6 years old. Many of Jacob's friends from preschool were there as well as his preschool teacher. Although it was earlier in the morning than we normally operate, Jacob was a trooper and had a great time.

We began with a continental style breakfast. Jacob really loved the bagels with strawberry cream cheese.

After breakfast we met Santa Claus. The older kids sang songs with Santa but Jacob isn't really into singing yet. He may enjoy it more when he is older. Right now, he will sing in the car softly if he thinks I am not paying attention. As soon as he realizes I am listening, he will give a nervous giggle and stop. I think it is because he isn't able to say the words in the song yet. A few more months should fix that problem. He is getting much better at pronouncing his words every day.

After meeting Santa, the kids received a small gift. Jacob really enjoyed it and wanted to take the other childrens' gifts also. He doesn't quite understand that everything doesn't belong to him. I am hoping this is a phase that passes quickly.

I am sure Jacob does not understand who Santa is or what Christmas is about yet. He is beginning to understand though. He loves the Christmas trees and the lights. He understands that this is an exciting time of the year and that he will get to see Uncle Chuck. That is enough to make him happy.

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