Sunday, December 2, 2007

Snow is Fun!

Snow is so much fun! Or, at least when you have a mom to do all of the shoveling and scraping :)
We received about 6 inches of very wet snow followed by light rain yesterday. Today, we tried to shovel our way out of it. I wasn't very successful. I got about half of the driveway (thanks to the help of my two wonderful babysitters) and the end of the driveway (thanks to my neighbor with the snow blower) done. The other half iced up before I could finish it. I don't know what to do now. It will either get warm over the next few days and will melt or I'll have to get out there and just keep trying to break it up.
Jacob thought the snow was great. He spent a lot of time just falling into it and rolling around. He also thought sledding down the snow bank at the side of the driveway was fun. He didn't want to go back inside but it was getting late. There will be plenty more snow before Winter ends.

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