Monday, December 10, 2007

Preparing For Christmas

We finally put the Christmas decorations up today. It is getting late and I was afraid it wouldn't get done if we didn't do it today.
Many families have a tradition of putting decorations up Thanksgiving weekend. I never allowed my family to do that. My birthday is November 28 and I always made them wait until after my birthday. I still follow that same tradition. I had today off work and we had some extra time so I thought it was a good day to do it.
Jacob helped me decide where to put the decorations. He watched as I set the nativity scene up and explored under the tree. I turned the lights on and he stated "wow!" He loves looking at the Christmas lights and we took a drive to look at some tonight. It was a fun afternoon and he is excited about experiencing his first American Christmas. I don't know what they did at his orphanage in Ethiopia but I do know that it was very different than what he will experience as part of a family in America.

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