Saturday, July 11, 2009

Accomplishing Our Summer Goals

As many people will remember, I decided that I was not going to let this summer slip away without really taking time to enjoy it. The past few years I have been disappointed to realize that summer was gone and I had never really gotten outside to enjoy it. This summer has been cooler than normal but we have still been able to accomplish many of the things I wanted to. And we are only half way through! Yea!

Here is an informal list of the things I hoped to do this summer:

1) Attend cook-outs. We have already attended a couple with another one tonight.

2) Host cook-outs. I have had friends over twice, another one coming again next week and a big cook-out planned for the end of summer.

3) Swimming. We went to an area sprinkler park last night. We also swam in the hotels in Minnesota and Arkansas. We have one more big vacation coming up and will be swimming then also. I still hope to get the boys to the pool a few more times this year.

4) Visit Circus World Museum. I haven't been there in a few years and am looking forward to taking the kids. We will be visiting next week.

5) Walk to the neighborhood parks. We have been doing this almost once a week. The parks are so close yet we seem to forget to visit them. We have been doing much better this year.

6) Visit with neighbors. I would love to do this more but we have reconnected with some of them.

7) Go camping. We are hoping to do this in August. It is the one thing that might not get done.

8) Grow vegetables. The tomatoes will be ripe in the next couple of weeks. I had my first peas the other day. The cucumbers, green peppers and carrots are also looking promising.

We have also had a couple unexpected bonuses. Two mother robins have made nests in to different areas of our yard where they are easy to see. The first one hatched four babies at the end of June. The second one appear to be sitting on her eggs now. It won't be long before they hatch.

I love this time of year! Now to just get my camera back out and capture some of the fun.

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