Wednesday, July 1, 2009

July Is Here!

I cannot believe it is July already. The summer is 1/3 over. It doesn't seem fair. We have already taken two of our three trips with only one to go. It appears that this will once again be one of those summers that goes by too quickly leaving many plans undone. I have made a promise to myself to do as many of my favorite activities as possible this summer and not waste any time. So far, we have done okay on that promise.

June was a wonderful month. I had some friends over for a cook-out, took the kids to two different zoos, went swimming and had a couple great trips. We are all a little more tan than we were a month ago despite using sunscreen regularly. No sunburns yet so we are doing well.

Jacob has mastered riding his bike with training wheels and is loving it. He states he has to be good at riding a bike so he can be just like his grandpa. One of our new favorite activities is to go for a short bike ride around the block after dinner. That bike ride sometimes takes quite awhile as we run into neighbors and frineds we don't see much during the winter months!

Jacob seems to be a kid who does a lot of growing and developing during the summer months. This year is no different. After struggling for months, he can suddenly write his name, spell his first and last name, read several letters and is getting very close on the others and can count to 15 without hesitation. I still plan to leave him in the same classroom next year since he is excited about being with some of the kids entering the class. It seems like the right choice for now but he will definitely be able to really shine since he has mastered much of the curriculum already. It will be good to give him that confidence boost as he prepares to enter 4K and kindergarten. He continues to be very good at anything spatial like puzzles and problem solving. That seems to be where he shines the most.

I pulled Jacob out of all activities for the summer and we are just spending our free time together as a family. Everyone is really enjoying the break. Jacob really wants to go back to gymnastics again so we will most likely try to find something for him next fall. It depends on if we can afford it with my new school budget, pay cut and other expenses. As well as if it will fit into our schedule. I'm not really worrying about it now. It is more important that we just enjoy the rest of summer.

We are still trying to recover from our trip to Arkansas last weekend. I haven't had a chance to unpack or find the camera yet but pictures are coming soon. I am hoping to get some laundry done tonight and then maybe have time to find the camera tonight or tomorrow.

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