Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Stressful Week

This week has been a long week of stress (and I'm only half through!) I am hoping that I am able to resolve some of the problems quickly.

It began on Sunday when I was told by a supervisor that I cannot use sick leave to care for my children. He stated that as a law enforcement officer, I should have other people care for my children and take them to the doctor. What!?!?! I am still trying to get this one resolved but hope to have it resolved soon. After all, my children will always come first before any job.

I also realized late last week that I misunderstood how the county was changing our paydates. I thought that I would still be paid the same amount just at a different time. I was wrong. One week that I worked this month will be paid when I quit or retire. So hypothetically in 23 years! That along with a paycut due to the economy and I am out about $1100! I'm still not sure how I'm going to overcome that. I'll figure it out though. I always do.

Lastly I received some frustrating news about M. Nothing major or that will risk his placement. Just not what I was hoping to hear. It will work out though. I definitelly want the social workers and attorneys to do everything they have to so that the judge and jury will make the right decisions (if it comes to that).

The boys seem to be picking up on my stress and on the cool and wet weather (where did summer go?) They have been fighting, having trouble listening or cooperating and making some major messes. On Sunday, Jacob and M got ahold of some baby powder the sitter left out. Almost a whole bottle was thrown around the room before I realized what was happening. M also pulled his door off the hinge while slamming the door. Thankfully the door isn't damaged so I am hoping to find someone to help me put the hinge back on soon.

The only positive this week seems to be the dogs. Sierra has settled down and has accepted the new puppy very well. She gets jealous from time to time but mostly is just watching over the puppy. Wusha is still having accidents but is doing well considering she is only 8 weeks old and has only been here for a few days.

Things will get better and easier. I know that. I just am struggling this week. So bear with my self-pity post. It is just where I am at today. After all, parenting isn't all roses and being a single parent can be pretty scary some days.

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