Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Circus World

Jacob, M, our friend Cindy and I went to Circus World Museum and Devil's Lake on Monday. We had a great time. Jacob was a tiger in the kids' interactive circus. He then talked me into paying for elephant rides (it didn't take much). I didn't feel safe letting him ride without an adult so I rode also. I forgot how much fun it is.

M wanted to ride the ponies which was just perfect for him. He had a huge grin on his face throughout the ride. Both boys enjoyed the circus performance.

We had a picnic lunch and went swimming at Devil's lake after the circus. It was cheaper than buying food at the circus and a lot more fun. Both boys went into the lake and enjoyed swimming. They also loved building sand castles. I had fun teaching them how to add water to the sand to make the perfect castle. We normally go to swimming pools so swimming in a lake and playing with sand was a nice treat.

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