Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Jacob and Mommy Time

Jacob and I spent the day together yesterday. M had to go to school for funding reasons so that left just Jacob and me. M doesn't mind though. When I do pull him out of school early, he spends the entire time asking to go find Jacob. That kid really loves his big brother.

Jacob and I started the day with a pancake breakfast. We then hurried home to clean out the van before we took it in to get the seat looked at. I decided to try a couple little things differently with the seat and discovered that it was working fine. I just was not moving it the right way to get it to lock down. That was a huge relief and a reason to celebrate. It also gave us an entire free day.

I took Jacob to the library to look for some alphabet books. We really only have a few. Reading the alphabet is the one area that Jacob really needs to work on for school next year. While I have no doubt he will catch on very quickly, I want to start working with him a little bit more at home now. So we stopped at the library and he helped me pick out a couple of fun alphabet books to work on at night.

We left the library and caught an early afternoon showing of the new Disney/Pixar movie, "Up." It was okay but I didn't enjoy it as much as some other people have. Jacob thought it was too scary and asked to go home a couple of times. We managed to watch the entire thing though and I did enjoy it.

I realized that we were out of dog food so we decided to stop at a pet store near the movie theater. The pet store also runs an adoption center for rescued and stray pets. They had some toys for the customers to use to play with the kittens. Jacob really hit it off with a small gray, brown and white cat. It was very cute and I had a very difficult time not taking it home with us. I was able to walk away by reminding myself of all of the vet bills and the three cats we already have at the house. They also had some very cute cocker spaniels but again, I really don't have room for anymore pets right now. Maybe in a few years.

Jacob and I left the pet store and went back to the daycare center. It was now time to pick M up. He was waiting for us at the window as usual. He came running over all smiles and giggling which always makes me smile as well. Jacob told his teachers about his day and the three of us headed home.

I made a quick dinner and then it was off to pick up the babysitter and go to the park for some softball. We lost the game but I had fun anyway. Next week is our last game and I am sad about it. I had to miss three games at the beginning of the season when I hurt my hand and another game later for foster care training. I am really not ready for the season to end. It was fun though and I am looking forward to next year.

We went to bed a little late and exhausted last night but happy. It was a good day and I got to enjoy time with both of the boys.

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