Sunday, July 19, 2009

Wusha Update

Wusha is doing great. He is 8 weeks old and progressing on housebreaking. He hasn't had any accidents when I have been home although he did have a few while the babysitter was here. I'm just happy we haven't had any major problems in that area. I will take a few accidents. After all, he is still learning.

Wusha loves Jacob. He allows him to carry him in baskets and the shopping cart. It just amazes me. When I make Jacob leave him alone, Wusha just follows him everywhere. He is definitelly bonding.

Wusha is already coming when called and recognizes his name. Some of it may be that he is so young and still a little scared. I am still impressed though. I have hope he may be trainable yet.

He has a healthy appetite. Well, he did. He hasn't been too hungry tonight. The boys wouldn't let him sleep except while they missed so he is EXHAUSTED. He also didn't sleep well last night. I am sure he will be interested in food again tomorrow after he sleeps. If not, I'll call the vet. We already have an appointment scheduled but maybe we can get in sooner.

Wusha hasn't destroyed anything yet and has been easily redirected to chew toys as opposed to other things.

Sierra, our other dog, has taken over the mother role. She keeps an eye on Wusha making sure he isn't getting into trouble or doing anything he shouldn't. She also checks on him when he cris.

I haven't heard Wusha bark. He definitelly knows how to cry. I am sure there is a bark in there somewhere. I just haven't heard it yet. Maybe when he feels more secure.

For those of you totally bored by my dog report, bear with me. This is our area of excitement. The past few days have been very stressful for me and the dog is one of my bright spots. Otherwise, I am just trying to stay focused and ignore those people who want to see me fail.

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