Thursday, July 16, 2009

Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday

Here is a review of the last three days. The entire three day weekend was so wonderful I had a very difficult time going to work today. The whole day I just wanted to go home and see the boys.


9:00 AM Visited with my foster home consultant. Nothing super exciting or unexpected. She occassionally stops by. She is in charge of my licensing and just making sure things are overall going well. They are so it was just a routine visit. I actually look forward to her visits. We were able to sit outside and talk while the boys rode bikes in the driveway.

10:45 AM: Left for Chicago. We wanted to see a rescue center personally and see how well cared for the dogs appeared. It was a smaller building than I anticipated but the animals were all well cared for and appeared happy. We were able to say high to a very young puppy leaving with it's new family.

1:45 PM: Put our new friend on hold. He wasn't at the shelter but will be this weekend. (Note to my extended family. I left a note about it. I know you won't agree but we can talk about it later.) The boys are super excited and counting down the days. We did see his picture. He is a little ball of fur. I will post pictures when we get him home.

5:00 PM: Returned home. Started the grill and waited for our friend Heather.

6:00 PM: Ate dinner with Heather and then went for a walk. It was a wonderful evening. We stopped at a pet store a few blocks away and got some supplies. Thankfully, I already have pretty much everything I need.


9:00 AM: Called the vet and made an appointment for our new friend for next week.

10:00 AM: Finished cleaning out the dog and cat toys. Removed all children's toys from the living room. Did some laundry and got Jacob's swimming and nap stuff ready for school today.

4:00 PM: Picked the kids up from school. Prepared dinner for Diane.

6:00 PM: Went to the neighborhood park with Diane. It was a good time and the kids behaved well.


6:15 AM: Jacob has a really bad cold and I actually thought he might have to stay home today. He doesn't have a fever and is active though so I sent him and M to daycare. I waited nervously for a phone call but it never came. The teachers reported he was coughing and congested but never developed a fever. He seems like his normal self just congested. Poor kid. Summer colds are not fun.

6:40 AM: Arrive at work and realize Jacob's swimming and nap supplies are still sitting next to my lunch in the car. Ughh! I also realized there was nothing I could do about it. I began brainstorming for things we could do about it.

7:30 AM: Called daycare. The director agreed Jacob could swim in his shorts from his extra clothes supply. She also stated he could borrow nap supplies from the school. I was so relieved he wouldn't have to miss swimming. My parents are out of town so I didn't have anyone to run a swimsuit over for me.

8:45 AM: Called the vet. Found out how old our new friend has to be for his first rabies shot. (Note to my parents: please don't freak out). Also got the cost estimate for neutering and how old he has to be first. The good news is that it is cheaper for smaller animals. The bad news is that is still costs money.

1:30 PM: Found a babysitter for the weekend. It's a long story but I suddenly realized on Monday that I don't have a sitter for the weekend. I called everyone I could think of and was beginning to think I wouldn't find anyone. I ended up with two people that could do it. That was a huge relief. I also had a nice conversation with a teenage babysitter's mom. It was nice to see a parent not afraid to call and ask questions. The babysitter will be coming to meet our friend with us.

3:30 PM: Picked the boys up from daycare. Put Jacob's swimming and nap things away. He can use the nap things tomorrow and the swimming stuff next week. I probably won't have to wash his sheet and blanket this week since he will only use them for one day.

4:30 PM: Made dinner. For the first time in 3 days I didn't fire up the grill. It was missed.

We are spending the rest of the evening relaxing and doing laundry. After such a fun few days off work, it is hard to go back. Unless I suddenly win the lottery (which I don't play), I will have to continue to work. Maybe I can just marry a rich husband....

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