Sunday, July 12, 2009

Weekend Recap and Pictures

I worked this weekend but we still managed to have fun. We went swimming Friday night and checked out a local sprinkler park. The sprinklers were fun but not nearly as much fun as the big pool

Last night we went to a cook-out at a friend's house. I saw some puppies there that reminded me how much I would love to get another dog. Now is not the right time though so it is just wishful thinking. The boys did great with the puppies and I keep thinking about them though so who knows. Maybe if I suddenly win the lottery.

Today the boys were exhausted after work. I don't know how long they slept at the babysitter's house but it was definitelly not enough. I woke M up for 45 minutes after a one and a half hour nap. He was so tired and cranky I decided to just send him back to bed (after he ate). I am hoping he will still sleep through the night. Jacob also took an hour nap but seems to be doing better now. I just hope he will go to bed for me.

The weekend was a success and I am looking forward to having the next three days off work and spending time with the kids.

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