Sunday, July 26, 2009

Where did the weekend go?

Wow! I cannot believe it is Sunday evening already. It seems like the past few days have just flown by. I worked all weekend but the evenings have also been packed full of fun. Here are some highlights.

Friday Night: We invited our friend, P, over for dinner. I made hamburger helper and corn for the kids to eat. Jacob and M really enjoyed showing P our new puppy.

After dinner, Jacob wanted to watch his lifebook DVDs from Ethiopia. He has never asked to see them before. I have mentioned them several times but he always states he doesn't want to watch. I strongly believe that Jacob needs to know his story at an age appropriate level but that he should not be forced to hear more than he is ready to hear. For that reason, I was waiting for him to decide he wanted to see his lifebooks.

While Jacob was excited to see pictures of his birth family and their homes, he was even more excited at the part where I came to get him. That is his favorite part of the story. He loves that he is from Ethiopia but he also remembers not having a mom. He tells me often that he never wants to have to find a new mom again. It makes me very sad to think about the things he lost and hear his fears of losing another mom. I am also very happy that God blessed me with him and that we are a family now.

Saturday: My brother, Chuck, celebrated his thirtieth birthday and his recent graduation from law school. I can't even begin to express how proud I am of him. He is a great role model for me and my kids. He also won his first case last week. It was a jury trial and he was the prosecuter. You go Chuck! I was so happy to be able to attend his party Saturday night and celebrate with him and his friends.

Sunday: Today we went to my parents house. They have been on vacation the past few weeks and have been missed. They are a huge part of my support system. While I do have other people I can turn to when I need a break, they are usually the first people I call. It was wonderful to see them again tonight. The boys also really missed them and had fun playing with them outside tonight.

The rest of the week will also be busy as we prepare to go on our first big vacation in two years. Tonight I started working on the huge pile of laundry that must get done before we can leave town. I got a good start on it and should be able to finish in time to pack up the car on Thursday.

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