Friday, October 24, 2008

Difficult Decision

I am being faced with a difficult decision. There is a 5 year old autistic boy in Ethiopia who needs a home. I met this boy 1 1/2 years ago and know that he is a loving boy with mild autism. I know his problems and prognosis. The autism is not the problem. The problem is that I am $5000 short of his adoption fees. It drives me nuts to know that this boy may not ever have a family simply because of money. I could continue to save money but he is continuing to get older. I believe it is in his best interest to come home this Spring or Summer so that he can start kindergarten in the Fall as a 6 year old. I know the special education teacher at my local school and he is already speaking some English. I know he would be a wonderful addition to our family.

There are other obstacles besides the money. The biggest is M's placement. I would need to convince the adoption agency and social worker that allowing M's placement to continue would be alright. His future placement is uncertain but I definitelly don't want to have him moved or give up the opportunity to adopt him for another child. M is a wonderful member of the family. I do believe I could find someone to work with me on this obstacle since the child in Ethiopia is having a difficult time finding a home and I have already met him.

So that really does leave me to the money. I will pray that the money becomes available or that this little boy finds a family soon. Your prayers for this young man would also be greatly appreciated. If I am not the family for him, I pray that the right family finds him soon.

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