Saturday, October 18, 2008

Halloween Preview

I blogged last year about how many Halloween parties and events there are out there every year. I had been concerned that Jacob would miss out on Halloween since I was working that evening. This year I will be home for Halloween but the parties go on anyway. Last night was the first one of the season. Jacob, M and I met our good friends G and K at the YMCA for some Halloween fun. Jacob loves his police officer costume.
It was a fun evening although M is not quite old enough. I briefly considered hiring a babysitter but didn't. I don't really have a lot of extra money right now. Jacob and I are going to an Ethiopian dinner tonight and M will stay home with a sitter then. I didn't really feel right leaving M home with a sitter while Jacob and I went out two nights in a row. I am struggling to find the right balance between letting Jacob and I do things he is old enough for and will enjoy and also being home with M. I think bringing him was the right decision even if it did mean I spent most of my time chasing him and we did leave a little earlier than we would have otherwise.

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