Friday, October 3, 2008

Gymnastics Dilemma

Jacob's gymnastics teacher and I have very different definitions of listening. To me, listening is staying on task and doing only what your teacher tells you to do. It is not running off to try other equipment and jumping around while the teacher is trying to talk to you. Jacob has been doing better about staying near his teacher and trying the exercises she assigns. He is still running to other pieces of equipment and not always waiting his turn.

On Thursday, Miss Nicole told me Jacob was doing really well in class. I asked if he was listening any better. I had seen him run off a few times but was busy with M so I didn't see his entire hour. She told me that he always does a really good job at listening. Huh?!? Definitelly different expectations.

So here is my dilemma. Do I just keep my mouth shut and let Miss Nicole handle it? If she doesn't care why should I? On the other hand, I don't want Jacob thinking it is ok to have selective hearing and not stay on task. I also have to remember that he just turned 3 and maybe he really is doing the best he can for his age level. Miss Nicole does work with preschoolers everyday and he certainly isn't the only child who has trouble staying on task. I'm just not sure what I should say next week. Should I remind him about listening and give him warnings when he runs by me off task while I am at class. Or should I just let Miss Nicole handle it and only step in if he is openly defiant and creating a disturbance?


SC said...

Depends on what your reasons are for him being there. Is the reason he is there to learn about listening to mom or is it to work with the "teacher" and have fun. The trick is to make sure it stays fun, because otherwise he may stop liking all outside extra curricular activities. "if I have to listen to mom all the time, I can do that from home" sort of thing. Please keep in mind... I'm speaking as an aunt, not a mom, with 3 very independant nephews. So my 2 cents is likely only worth about a half a cent.

Angela :-) said...

Ah ha, you have stumbled upon the very reason why I don't even watch my kids' gymnastics classes anymore. After 3 kids, I finally realized I just can't watch. The teachers can say something to me if there's anything that ends up bothering them.

Angela :-)