Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Warm Fall Weekend

Last weekend was a beautiful Fall weekend and probably one of the last warm ones we will have. I took Jacob and M to a nearby playtime farm. There were animals at the petting area, play houses and school rooms, tractor barrell rides, hayrides and of course pumpkins. I learned last year that it is very expensive to pick a pumpkin at the farm. To get a large pumpkin at the farm, I will pay at least $8. I can get a larger one at the grocery store for $3.00. I did allow Jacob to pick out a small pumpkin for about $2.00.
Overall, it was a great day. It was 84 degrees outside and sunny. The kids were tired from having very short naps in the car but otherwise had a great time. M was just getting over a minor illness but did well considering that. I really miss these days out in the sun during those long Winter months. Hopefully, the Winter will go as quickly as the Summer did.

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Angela :-) said...

We learned the same thing about the pumpkin patch prices. lol

Angela :-)