Friday, October 17, 2008

Free Time

Ok. I am at a loss. The social worker stopped by this morning to check on M. She was very happy with his progress over the past 3 weeks. He really has come a long way and is more trusting and patient than when he first arrived. Jacob and I spent a couple hours last night cleaning the main living areas of the house and I vacuumed this morning.

After the social worker left, it was time for M to go to daycare. I am off work today but he still has to go. There is a rule that children must attend daycare at least 20 hours every week to keep getting funding. He was home sick on Monday and home yesterday for some special time with me and for medical appointments. As a result, he has to go today to preserve his funding.

I was planning on keeping Jacob home for some special Mommy and Jacob time. He was all for it yesterday but not today. He announced this morning that he wanted to go to school and play with the kids. I convinced him to at least have breakfast with me after we dropped M off at school. He agreed but I am pretty sure it was only to keep me happy. It was still nice though.

Now I am home in a quiet kid-free house. It is clean enough to last a few days. It could always be cleaner and there are always chores to do but nothing that has to be done right away. I have the television turned to adult drama shows and plan to take a long nap.

Tonight the boys and I are going to a halloween party so I need to get their costumes ready. Otherwise, I am free of mandatory chores for the first time in a very long time. I used to hate time with nothing to do. Since becoming a parent, I now really enjoy these quiet days. Probably because they come so rarely now. I just don't know what to do with myself other than take a nap.